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Chinese Hotpot

Chinese hotpot (火锅 huǒguō /hwor-gwor/ ‘fire-pot’), also known as Chinese fondue, is one of the most popular meals in China. It consists of a simmering metal pot with broth at the center of a table, and all raw ingredients placed beside the metal pot, so people can add and cook whatever they like in the broth.

Hotpot Types by Region

Hotpot Yunnan Yak Meat Hotpot
There are several varieties of hot pot in China with differently flavored broth. Two of the most popular hotpots are Sichuan hotpot and Beijing mutton hotpot (instant-boiled mutton).

Some other popular hotpots include seafood hotpot in Guangdong, sauerkraut hotpot in Northeast China, chrysanthemum hotpot in Suzhou and Hangzhou, and beef hotpot in Hong Kong.

Sichuan Hotpot

Sichuan hotpot is the most famous Chinese hotpot. Now it is very popular and can be found in almost every city in China.

Sichuan hotpot is famous for its numbing and spicy flavor, resulting from a special seasoning — Sichuan pepper (花椒 huā jiāo /hwaa- jyaoww/) — and other spicy ingredients like chili added to it, which marks its difference from other hotpots.

Sichuan HotpotSichuan Hotpot
There are various of Sichuan hotpots, based on different broths and meats, so Sichuan hot pot suits customers of different preferences: salty, sweet, or sour flavors all are available. If you want to challenge your taste buds, Sichuan hot pot is highly recommended.

Beijing Instant-Boiled Mutton

Beijing instant-boiled mutton, also called mutton hotpot, is regarded as the representative of the northern China hotpots. The main ingredient is mutton, and the broth is made of nutritious sheep-bone stock, with shallots, ginger, mushrooms, Chinese dates, wolfberries, longans, and dried seafood (shrimps, fish, …).

How to Cook Hotpot at Home
CookingOur customers are learning to cook a hotpot.
Three major elements make up a hotpot: the broth, the sauces, and the choice of ingredients to add to the broth.

1. Prepare the broth by stewing bones with seasonings (like salt and ginger) until the flavor of the meat and seasonings are fully infused in the liquid.

2. Thinly slice a variety of meats or seafood you enjoy, and prepare any vegetables and other ingredients you like.

3. Make up dipping sauces using sesame sauce, chili oil, soy sauce, garlic sauce, vinegar, pepper sauce, seafood sauce, green onions, etc.

4. Place a magnetic heating plate or gas burner in the middle of the dining table and heat the broth.

5. When the broth comes to the boil, add the ingredients in the pot to cook and enjoy the hotpot.



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