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How to select Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea is famous all over the world and Chinese are believed to have enjoyed tea drinking for more than 4,000 years. Most of Chinese can accept the bitterness of tea and they think sweetness of tea will come after the bitterness, therefore.

A lot of old people like to drink tea because they think tea just like a miniature of life. Youth need to experience the bitterness of lives first, and they can acquire the sweet  great achievement when they get old. Thus there are some steps to help you how to buy good Chinese tea leaves.


There are four basic steps.

1. Observe. Good or fresh tea has a green luster in a tight shape, but poor one is loose and dull. The leaves should be dry enough to make a rustling noise in the palm.

2. Smell. The fragrance should be pure without a charred taste or acid smell. Good tea, especially fresh one, has a natural aroma like orchid or jasmine while the poor one smells stale.

3. Taste. You can taste the leaves by chewing them carefully. Good tea leaves have a fresh mellowness. You can also infuse some to see if the leaves extend smoothly and sink slowly to the bottom. Good tea liquor is emerald green or golden. It has a tint of bitterness with a lasting sweet aftertaste. Stale liquor is malodorous and dark brown.

4. See the infused tea leaves. The infused leaves should be even without impurity.

After you purchase good tea, keep it in a dry cool place, avoiding direct sunshine. An airtight container is a good choice. Avoid putting teas of different aromas too close.


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